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Re: Zsh and ReGIS graphics.

On Sun, 2 Jun 2019 10:08:50 -0600, Grant Taylor wrote:
> On 5/26/19 11:55 AM, Grant Taylor wrote:
> > Does anyone have any idea if this is a Zsh thing?  Or possibly
something spurious I have in my
> > prompt?
> I don't think it's my prompt. I unset RPROMPT and changed PROMPT to be "#
" and I'm still
> seeing zsh erase content below the prompt line.
> Any help / pointers would be appreciated.

I ran typescript zsh.log, then ran zsh inside, control-Led, hit return a
few times, and cat-ed a ReGIS image file.  I can confirm that what you
state happens: the image is cleared from the following line to the end of
the screen.

This appears to be due to zsh emitting a ^[[J before printing the prompt.
I don't know why it does this.  Does zsh sometimes write to parts of the
screen below the current line?

[many lines omitted]
^M^M^[[0m^[[27m^[[24m^[[Jusername@hostname ~% ^[[K^[[?2004h^[[?2004l^M^M
^[[?2004h^[[38;5;101musername@hostname:~$ ^[[m^M
^[[?2004l^[[?2004h^[[38;5;101musername@hostname:~$ ^[[m^[[?2004l
[other lines omitted]

I don't have that in my prompt either:
username@hostname ~% set | grep PROMPT
PROMPT='%n@%2m %~%# '

[apologies for the broken message id chain -- I'm not subscribed to this
list so I had to hand-craft this response]


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