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Re: completion is over thinking things.

would it be enough a widget that does always filesystem completion
regardless of the command line so far, to be binded to a different-than-tab
that’s been my approach to the same problem, I also have special
only-directories and only-regular-files widgets too

Il giorno dom 29 set 2019 alle 17:12 Ray Andrews <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ha scritto:

> On 2019-09-29 6:09 a.m., Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> >
> > Claiming that completion not completing invalid arguments for your
> > command is an "issue" seems pretty far fetched to me. If you always
> > want to complete files, don't run compinit in your startup files.
> >
> I appreciate the sophistication of that, but there are times when I
> really do want to complete on a filename even if it might seem like an
> invalid argument superficially.  I thought that compinit was the entire
> completion system!  Commenting it out and restarting, just as you say, I
> get 'dumb' file completions just as wanted.  Can we have it both ways?
> That is, tweak compinit so that perhaps on a final press of the TAB key
> it  will fall back to dumb file completion even if a kosher match has
> not been found?  Or some sort of temporary fallback to dumb completion?
> Most of the time it seems that file completion is all that's happening
> and anyway this sort of issue is very rare here, but short of restarting
> it would be nice to have dumb completion 'override' when wanted.
> Perhaps if a final press of TAB was used then instead of this:
> Completing package
> ... we'd see:
> Fallback to completing file
> ... or something like that.
> I looked at zcompdump and there's nothing in there that looks
> promising.  I know that completion is the most inscrutable part of zsh,
> so I won't even attempt to understand it, and any tweak will be taken
> without question and on authority.  Or is there an approachable
> document?  Or some workaround?
> --
Pier Paolo Grassi

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