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executable not found

    I was trying to fire up an old backup of an executable I wrote:  'ls' shows the current version and the backup:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 30152 2016-12-17/12:18:46 movemouse,1*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 10544 2016-12-17/12:57:53 movemouse*

    However zsh doesn't want to run it tho both are executable:

$ movemouse,1
zsh: command not found: movemouse,1

    Current directory is on my path:


    So current directory should be searched.  I can't figure out why zsh isn't finding it.  The recent version 'movemouse' is found fine.  Copying 'movemouse,1' to another name somewhere else on the path made no difference.  But there is this:

CONTENT: EXECUTABLE BINARY application/x-executable; charset=binary:

CONTENT: EXECUTABLE LIBRARY application/x-sharedlib; charset=binary:

    Is that the issue?  Can anything obvious be done?  Do I need to rebuild 'movemouse,1'?  Yet zsh should find it anyway, no?


$exec ./movemouse,1

    crashed the terminal as did:

$exec ./movemouse

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