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Re: Feature request: a new warning option

On 2019-10-09 6:41 a.m., Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
but I'm seeing your point. This is like commenting or not the code – I
was for a long long time pro-commenting, to just drop it recently,
actually finding pleasure in writing a condensed, I could agree –
(less /un)readable code.

Just a comment from the unwashed:

Maybe I'm the only one, but it has always seemed to me that in the entire cycle of developing software, the time spent entering keystrokes is a tiny fraction.  You save a few seconds typing a line, but come back to it a while later and you spend hours figuring out your own code.  Zsh has incredibly compact syntax already, and if I don't comment every line, since I can go months without writing anything, when I come back, I've forgotten the syntax and must refer to my comments.  They say that with Perl, every keystroke needs a sentence of comment to understand it.  My notion of the ideal language would be quite verbose and self-explanatory.  IMHO the last thing zsh needs is more terse syntax.  Just my two cents.

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