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ZLE Vi-mode: visual mode selection doesn't match the characters highlighted

Hey all,

I'm having a small inconvenience with the way characters are highlighted
in visual mode.

Say my $BUFFER has the following text, current $KEYMAP is "vicmd", and
the cursor is located where ^ is:

    ZSH is the best shell

If I press `v`, and then `F<space>`, the cursor is located as expected

    ZSH is the best shell
              -----            (selected characters)

Naturally, the selection now includes all characters from `t` to the
space (inclusive), as marked with the hyphens.

The problem is, that only the 3 characters ("bes") are highlighted so
it's not clear what characters exactly are selected.

In comparison, when moving _forward_ in visual mode, the characters
highlighted include all letters selected.

This behaviour is not like in Vim (with it's default settings) and is
confusing IMO. My expectation is that every character selected will be
highlighted, no matter whether the cursor is at the start or the end of
the selection.

Is there a way to tweak this behavior?


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