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menu select suggestion


I dove into zsh about a week ago.  One of the things that I just
didn’t know is what is “menu select” (as oppose to not using “menu
select”) from a user interface perspective.

I finally (a few hours ago today) understand that (for example) if I
have a directory full of files and I type a bit of one of the file
names and hit tab I get a list of completions.  Now if I hit tab a
second time (with my current configuration) I then go into “menu
select” which highlights one of the words and I can now drive around
the menu with the arrow keys (and there is probably a lot more
features too that I’ve let to discover).

"Not menu select" the interface is different.  It appears I can set
menu to true which has one interface or false which has another

I figured this out by tweaking

zstyle ':completion:*:*:*:*:*' menu XXX

to the different values.  What confused me is that (at least with the
configuration I started from) I need to hit tab a second time before I
see any difference.

Is there a section in the man pages or the manual that describes the
various user interfaces?

Thank you

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