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Re: Change interactive command into a comment

On 2019-11-13 12:34:35 -0600, Perry Smith wrote:
> With bash, I got into the following habit.  If I started typing
> a long command and then decided I didn’t want to execute it right
> now for some reason, I would hit control-A to get back to the start
> of the line and then add a # in front and hit return.
> This would put the command into history and so later I could recall
> it, remove the #, and execute the command.

Not an answer for your question, but this piece of code from grml zsh
config may interest you:


# add a command line to the shells history without executing it
commit-to-history () {
	print -s ${(z)BUFFER}
	zle send-break
zle -N commit-to-history
bindkey -M viins "^x^h" commit-to-history
bindkey -M emacs "^x^h" commit-to-history


With this piece of code in your zshrc, you could press C-x C-h to
commit your current command to history without executing it.


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