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Re: completion of filenames

On 2019-12-10 8:30 a.m., Peter Stephenson wrote:

Suffix aliases are already handled.  So if it's a file in the current directory,
you should find typing ./<tab> completes files with a suffix alias defined.


Doesn't work.  This could be something I've botched up myself. Here's what I think is relevant:

   zstyle ':completion:*' completer _expand _complete _files

   #Tab completion should be case-insensitive.
   # Original: zstyle ':completion:*' matcher-list 'm:{a-zA-Z}={A-Za-z}'
   zstyle ':completion:*' matcher-list '' 'm:{a-z}={A-Z}'
   'm:{a-zA-Z}={A-Za-z}' 'r:|[._-]=* r:|=* l:|=*'
   zstyle ':completion:*' auto-description 'specify: %d'
   zstyle ':completion:*' format 'Completing %d'
   zstyle ':completion:*' group-name ''
   zstyle ':completion:*' list-colors ''
   zstyle ':completion:*' list-prompt %SAt %p: Hit TAB 'for more', or
   the char to insert%s
   ###zstyle ':completion:*' menu select=2
   ### zstyle ':completion:*' menu select=long
   zstyle ':completion:*' select-prompt %SScrolling active: current
   selection at %p%s
   zstyle ':completion:*' use-compctl false
   zstyle ':completion:*' verbose true

   zstyle ':completion:*:default' list-colors ${(s.:.)LS_COLORS}
   zstyle ':completion:*:match:*' original only
   zstyle ':completion:*:approximate:*' max-errors 1 numeric
   zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' tag-order all-expansions
   # cd not select parent dir:
   zstyle ':completion:*:cd:*' ignore-parents parent pwd

... I think water-bedding can happen with this stuff, you fix one issue and create another, so previous tinkerings with completion might have caused this.  Myself I'd like it as plain vanilla as it could probably be, just complete files all the time, every time, in the current directory, the less 'helpfulness' the better.  Cool what 's available, but I'd like to build up from the basics.

BTW, just to bitch:

    zstyle ':completion:*' completer _expand _complete _files

When you see that in any font that is not fixed width,  you can't hardly tell that 'completer_expand' is different from 'completer _expand'  ... the space is easy to miss.  Not that there's much that could be done about that now.

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