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Re: emulate bash key bindings

On 08.01.2020 05:26, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
On Tue, 7 Jan 2020 at 19:40, Andrey Butirsky <butirsky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

after 25 years of bash, I'm doing my first steps with Zsh.

I'm trying to reproduce main bash key bindings in Zsh, so I started with:

autoload -U select-word-style
select-word-style bash

But sill, I need to have different word boundaries for some bindings,
e.g Ctrl+W should kill space-delimeted word.

What is the best way to achieve that? Can I avoid creating custom widgets?
The widget is backward-kill-word. I'd also suggest utilizing the
ability of bindkey to process multiple arguments at once – it'll spare
some space:

bindkey "^A"      beginning-of-line     "^E"      end-of-line
bindkey "^?"      backward-delete-char  "^H"      backward-delete-char
bindkey "^W"      backward-kill-word    "\e[1~"   beginning-of-line
bindkey "\e[7~"   beginning-of-line     "\e[H"    beginning-of-line
bindkey "\e[4~"   end-of-line           "\e[8~"   end-of-line
bindkey "\e[F"    end-of-line           "\e[3~"   delete-char
bindkey "^J"      self-insert           "^M"      accept-line
bindkey "^R"      history-incremental-search-backward

Thanks, but 'backward-kill-word' widget changes it's behavior after issuing "select-word-style bash" command - it starts kill bash-like words (alphabet and numeric symbols). So I need bindings for both type of words, bash-like and space-delimited.

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