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Re: How do I finish this key-binding (for PageUp-Down)

On Tue, 2020-04-14 at 15:24 -0400, rj wrote:
> I'd like to change <hold-SHIFT>-<PageUp> to a simple one-keystroke for
> scrolling in zsh in the terminal.  So that I only have to press <PageUp> to
> scroll back.
> I currently have this partial keybinding for this:
> bindkey  "^[[5~"	
> That's the mapping for PageUp  --  ^[[5~  --  but what word-command do
> I use on the right half of this line to accurately represent the action of
> holding the shift-key and then pressing the PageUp key?

If you're scrolling zsh in the terminal, that's a terminal command,
not a zsh command --- it's the terminal that manages scrollback.
I take it that is what you mean, you don't want to access the shell's
own history (which is indeed a "bindkey")?

How you do that varies depending on the terminal --- modern ones
have a menu for this, but if its xterm you need to use an Xdefaults
text file.


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