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Re: Missing .zshenv file in /etc

> On 27 May 2020 at 13:58 Rob Mardin <rmardin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello there; I am scratching my head to find how to create .zshenv in /etc
> folder on Mac OS (Catalina). I thought that this file is automatically
> created. Could someone help point me to how to autoconfig, ie reinstantiate
> zsh so that I have the necessary files to start learning zsh scripting.

No idea about Mac OS, but normally that file --- actually /etc/zshenv, no "."
--- isn't present on most systems, as it would be executed by every
single instance of zsh that starts on the system.  This is generally a bad
thing unless there's some overriding local reason for that.

It's much more normal to have other /etc/z* files, trying looking for those.

I'm not sure learning zsh scripting form standard system files is a
particularly great way anyway, but I'm saying that without having actually
looked at the Mac OS ones.  There will be plenty of examples around the web.


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