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help with installing and correctly configuring zsh on an amd 64 box running gentoo stable

I am running gentoo stable on FX 8350 box. I installed zsh following
instructions given on gentoo wiki pages.
I did it quite correctly because when I first ran chsh -s /bin/zsh  instead
of running the start up script it asked for a password to
be entered.

Apparently that is a bad thing.

My .zshrc file is in my /home/user directory:

bucketlist /home/mikef # more .zshrc

autoload -U compinit

# Correction

setopt correctall


autoload -U promptinit
prompt gentoo
bucketlist /home/mikef #

My /etc/shells file looks like this:

mikef@bucketlist /etc % more shells
# /etc/shells: valid login shells
mikef@bucketlist /etc %

I think I have managed to install zsh:

mikef@bucketlist /etc % equery l zsh
 * Searching for zsh ...
[IP-] [  ] app-shells/zsh-5.8:0
mikef@bucketlist /etc %

mikef@bucketlist /etc % echo "My current shell is $SHELL ($0)"
My current shell is /bin/zsh (zsh)
mikef@bucketlist /etc %

If you know of any diagnostic tests to check whether zsh is really running
properly or not I would appreciate it.

My fear is that it has been installed in an incorrect or half-cocked

Comments appreciated.


Michael Fothergill

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