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Re: Alias call in function fails...

On 6/23/20 3:14 PM, Perry Smith wrote:
I’d really appreciate if you could give a few examples of this.

Here's a different example of how I used a global (-g) alias:

% alias -g PTBONE="-R"
% ssh PTBONE host.example.net

PTBONE is an alias that has the long string of options substituted in it's place.

I chose a global alias because I rarely wanted the PTBONE configuration on my ssh connections. But I wanted it often enough that typing out the full thing was a PITA. I felt like adding PTBONE /when/ I wanted it was a reasonable compromise.

Backstory: I was periodically updating a bunch of Red Hat systems that were configured to use a proxy on localhost ( to avoid ::1 confusion). Said proxy was created by OpenSSH's remote port forwarding back to a local (caching) proxy like Squid. PTBONE is short for Proxy Trombone, as a reference / nod to what the traffic does.

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