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zsh.org migration: lists, www, ftp, rsync

Good morning all,

Over the coming week we'll be moving the following services to new

- *@zsh.org mailing lists
- www.zsh.org
- ftp.zsh.org
- rsync.zsh.org

The http://zsh.sourceforge.net/ site and associated download mirror will
be unaffected.

All content and archives will be preserved.  The list of subscribers
will be preserved based on a snapshot.  However, if you will have
subscribed or unsubscribed soon before the date of the migration, you
may need to repeat your subscription on unsubscription.  We will make
every effort to minimize the number of people so affected, and we
apologize to those people for the inconvenience.

The migration will involve some downtime for these services.  We will
try to minimize it and will update this thread when the operation is

After the migration, some email servers (MTAs) around the world may
continue to use the pre-migration IP addresses beyond even when they
shouldn't (after the DNS TTL expires).  This would manifest as emails to
*@zsh.org addresses bouncing with a a "failed to connect to host" type
error message.  (The outgoing IP addresses will be unrouteable.)

In the event of unforeseen trouble, updates shall be posted to
http://zsh.sourceforge.net/News/.  If you notice anything odd, please
let us know by emailing zsh-infra dot zsh dot org at shahaf dot name
(that's an alias that will target the people working on the migration).

Anyone interested in helping with the migration or with ongoing
infrastructure work after it, please contact us.

We'd like to thank Geoff Wing and PrimeNet for many years of hosting,
and Phil Pennock at Pennock Tech LLC for donating infrastructure and
expertise towards new hosting.



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