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Re: Can we have a discourse site for zsh?

Rudi C wrote:
> I have recently seen a few languages adopt self-hosted [1]discourse sites:

> And I love them! What do you think about having one for zsh?

I wouldn't raise any objections. Some of the sites you list are for
projects with a central source of funding whereas zsh is purely an
open source community of people volunteering in their free time.
So there'd need to be someone willing to setup and maintain a
discourse install.

Discourse's supported install is Linux/Docker which may not fit
well with the current main hosting on FreeBSD. If you can arrange
hosting we can point an hostname inside zsh.org at it for you. So
you can try it out and see if you can get enough interest to develop
a self-sustaining community. Our main development is and will remain
on mailing-lists, we don't intend to move, but not all user community
needs to be in the same place.

Otherwise there are some existing web-based forums where zsh
discussion takes place such as on reddit. But, not being familiar
with discourse, I don't know if that's comparable.


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