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Re: array with newlines preserved as literal text

On 2021-02-02 12:25 p.m., Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 11:16 AM Ray Andrews <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm curious why you want to save this in the form of a command to be
eval'd rather than just save the argument string?
Complicated.  It goes back to my first bitch with zsh, namely not being able to capture the literal invocation of a function (along with it's tail) unexpanded, just as you'd see in history.  (History would work fine except for the fact that several commands can end up on the same line.)  Basically my wrappers do some heavy duty massaging of output and both for debugging and or for modification it's good to be able to recall the actual commands executed.  My function '_execute' does that, it calls 'eval' but does other stuff too like store to history.  Here's a sample:

$  l ,Hs c,*   # 'l' wraps 'ls' and colorizes and formats the output as I like:

LISTING of "c,*": all file types, INsensitive. Sorting upside down by: File Size:

 10746 [2020-12-20--14:48] c,34
 11168 [2020-12-27--10:39] c,35,localized help
 11219 [2020-12-27--10:45] c,36
 11348 [2020-12-28--13:30] c,38,delete deleted directories
 11428 [2020-12-28--10:46] c,37,trivial
 11665 [2020-12-28--16:17] c,39
 11833 [2020-12-28--16:48] c,40,misc
 13253 [2020-12-28--19:48] c,41,polishing
 13376 [2020-12-28--20:09] c,42,messages improved
 13383 [2020-12-29--07:02] c,43,before improved cd
 14045 [2021-01-31--11:08] c,55,more one line bugs
 14053 [2021-01-31--13:05] c,56,trivial edits
 14156 [2021-01-30--10:48] c,54,rationalize switches
 14184 [2021-01-24--20:47] c,52,interim
 14186 [2021-01-29--06:17] c,53,more sky trouble. big code purge
 14494 [2020-12-30--06:17] c,44,better cd to incomplete name
 14925 [2020-12-30--11:55] c,47,massive edit old code purged
 15493 [2020-12-30--09:41] c,45,working huge edit
 15741 [2021-01-31--10:48] c,48,good old Sky above was truncated
 16080 [2020-12-30--10:06] c,46,bad
 16394 [2021-01-07--08:49] c,50

Items found: 1
Total bytes in this directory: 2.9M
Total including subdirs: 15M

... the ',H' switch stores the actual working code to history.  Hit the up arrow and:

$ ls -AFrGgdS  --time-style='+[%F--%H:%M]' --group-directories-first   --color=always  (#i)c,* 2> /dev/null   | sed -r "s|^(.{10} [[:digit:]] )| |"  | egrep -v '^total' | egrep -i --color=always "^|] c,*" | sed -r "s/\x1b\[01;31m\x1b\[K\] /\] \x1b\[01;31m\x1b\[K/g"

... hit ENTER and exactly the same output occurs.  Or modify to suit, or perhaps to chase down a bug. But it requires execution to be put off, thus the need for an eval contained within '_execute'.   Meanwhile let's see what Roman has for me.

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