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Re: auto-quoting inside braces in arguments

On 2021-02-18 10:30 a.m., Bart Schaefer wrote:

As an aside to the latter, it might be nice if providing a
prefix-argument to quote-region caused it to use double instead of
single quotes.

It reminds me of my issue just past of trying to send exactly:

'one string' 'second string'

to grep.  Given the deep desire of shells to strip and interpret quotes there's not much that can be done via syntax, but some prefix or some option should make it
doable such that you don't lose one level of quotes at each interpretation.
Mind, I'm presuming Vincent needs those quotes further down stream to
protect something.  Anyway, some prefix or option should make it possible
to do whatever might be required.  setopt LITERAL_STRING.  Dunno, but most
of my problems with zsh involve quoting.

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