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Re: disown -a

2021-03-03 00:05:38 +0000, Daniel Shahaf:
> zsh is not a bug-for-bug reimplementation of bash.
> As to a workaround, you don't specify what -a should do, but perhaps this:
> disown %${(k)^jobstates[(R)suspended:*]}

For the record, AFAICT "disown" is a zsh invention. Already
there in 1.0 in 1990.

ksh added it in ksh93 (a rewrite) released in late 1993.

bash in 2.0 released in late 1996 (so the path there is likely
to be zsh -> ksh93 -> bash, as ksh93 is generally the shell bash
took inspiration from). With also a -h option.

yash in 2.0a2 in 2008.

In fish, disown is a wrapper function around its disown builtin
added in 2.6b1 in 2017.

pdksh-based, ash-based, csh-based ones don't seem to have a
disown builtin.

Of the ones that have a disown builtin above, only bash and yash
support -a (also --all in yash).

bash added that option (as well as -r) in 2.02 (1998).

To this day, it seems the -h and -r options are specific to
bash. ksh93's disown supports the usual
--help/--usage/--nroff/--man/--author... like all its builtins.

See also the related hup and nohup builtins of tcsh (from 1993).


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