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Re: [Review Request] Arrays and their usage

2021-05-31 22:04:44 +0200, René Neumann:
> >      makepkg --printsrcinfo |
> >       sed -n 's/pkgname = //p'
> (NB though: The linebreak for the two pipe elements was inserted for this
> email only, with me hoping, that backslash newline was the correct thing to
> do ;))

\ in front a a newline removes the newline before the parser
interprets the code but here, a newline is fine, same as after
||, &&, ;, &, if, then, else, while, do... You can even have

  set -o pipefail
  print -P - $var | # prompt
                    # expansion

    sed 's/^[[:blank:]]*//' | # trim leading blanks

    wc -c ||

    die "pipeline failed"

At the prompt of an interactive shell, you'll notice that if you
press enter after a pipe, you see:

$ echo foo |

Which tells you the parser is still expecting a command after
that |.

Where you might argue it's inconsistent is that you don't get
something similar after redirection operators:

$ echo foo >
zsh: parse error near `\n'

Or after "for"/"select"/"repeat"

$ for
zsh: parse error near `\n'

It's not specific to zsh though.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author