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completion: lookup argument using descriptions


sometimes I find myself looking for appropriate option by reading down
all the descriptions of the arguments before going straight to the
documentation to simply /search for some phrase. I wonder: would that be
possible directly from zle? E.g. let me do the flood ping (-f):

$ ping -[tab]
-4  -- use IPv4 only
-6  -- use IPv6 only
-A  -- adaptive
-B  -- don't allow ping to change source address
-D  -- print timestamp before each line
-F  -- allocate and set 20-bit flow label
-I  -- specify source interface
-L  -- disable loopback of multicast packets
-M  -- specify path MTU discovery strategy
-N  -- send ICMPv6 node information queries instead of echo request
-O  -- report outstanding ICMP ECHO reply before sending next packet
-Q  -- set Quality of Service-related bits in ICMP datagrams
-R  -- record route
-S  -- set socket sndbuf
-T  -- set special IP timestamp options
-U  -- print full user-to-user latency
-V  -- display version information
-W  -- specify time to wait for a response
-a  -- audible bell for each packet
-b  -- allow pinging a broadcast address
-c  -- specify number of packets to send
-d  -- set SO_DEBUG on the socket
-f  -- flood ping				<- here it is
-h  -- show usage information
-i  -- specify delay between packets
-l  -- send specified number of initial packets as fast as possible
-m  -- specify mark to tag outgoing packets
-n  -- show network addresses as numbers
-p  -- specify pad bytes to fill sent packet with
-q  -- quiet
-r  -- bypass normal routing tables
-s  -- specify packet size
-t  -- set IP Time to Live for outgoing packets
-v  -- verbose output
-w  -- specify timeout after which ping exits

Is there any direct mechanism I could use to search for "flood" in the right
part of the completion? Other than ctrl+a [ / in screen?

Tomasz Pala <gotar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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