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Tweaking the completion engine to prefer some completions


I have a few applications installed on my system, with their names sharing a common prefix.
Now as the apps are company-specific, let me invent some contrived names:

messageedit, messageview, messageformat, messagesend, you've got the idea.

Now, in may daily work, I'm using only one of them: messageedit. The other are used... well, almost never.

Now, if I type mess<Tab>, the name gets completed to message and the completion engine waits for further input.

I would like to tweak the completion in such a way the typing mess<Tab> completes the input to messageedit and ignores the other possible apps.

Can this be done in a positive way (by naming the preferred application) or in a negative fashion (by prohibiting all unwanted completions)?

What are the setting options to do it?

Thank you very much for the answers!

Best regards,

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