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Re: Better Help Docs Searching?

2021-08-01 18:21:14 +0200, Mikael Magnusson:
> You can also find these in the pdf version of the documentation (not
> sure if we provide this anywhere but you can build it yourself). The
> info version also probably has them, but I'm not sure if anyone knows
> how to navigate an info document.

I only use "info" for reading the zsh manual (or any manual
larger than a few pages and that has an info manual, there's a
good reason we talk of man pages, and not man books, man is
really not adequate for a manual the size of zsh's).

In info, the "i" and "I" commands are your friends. They search
the index and have completion. There's also "g" to search the
nodes (the table of contents).

In zsh, the index is very good.

info zsh read

Will bring you to the section about the read builtin.

Within "info zsh", press "I" (Shift+i) and enter "read", and
you'll see all the index entries that contain "read".

IIRC, zsh completion also used to work properly with "info", but
as seen in the other thread I started in zsh-workers, it's
a bit broken currently. No big deal as info's own completion is

Press "h" within "info" to get started with it.

It's really astonishing that so few people know about it after
so many decades it's been around.


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