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Re: Globbing symlinks-to-${glob_qualifier}

On 2021-08-18 8:24 a.m., Bart Schaefer wrote:

You might be interested in cshnullglob.

This is a half baked musing as much as a question, but would it not be inevitable that some of these glob options

nobareglobqual        off
nocaseglob            off
cshnullglob           off
extendedglob          on
noglob                off
noglobalexport        off
noglobalrcs           off
globassign            off
globcomplete          off
globdots              on
globstarshort         on
globsubst             off
kshglob               off
nullglob              on
numericglobsort       off
shglob                off

... must contradict each other?  Options are always on/off, but wouldn't the logic of some of these settings be more of a 'radio button' sort of thing, where only one of several options can be active? I don't really know but, for example, how can you combine shglob, kshglob, nullglob and noglob?  It would appear that they can't coexist.

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