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Re: Completion: How to show description for current option?

On 31 Aug, Marlon Richert wrote:
> If I type
> % git switch -c^D
> then completion shows only
> -c

This can be reproduced with just _arguments -s '-c[desc]'

The code relevant to this is this part of _arguments:

    346       if comparguments -O next direct odirect equal; then
    347         opts=yes
    348         _tags options
    349       elif [[ $? -eq 2 ]]; then
    350           compadd -Q - "${PREFIX}${SUFFIX}"
    351           return 0

The comparguments -O has decided that there are no possible completion
matches which is arguably true because -c is already there and, because
we passed -s to _arguments, it is now trying to complete further options
after -c. It looks like there is special handling for this case that has
only considered actual completion because it is doing a plain compadd
without descriptions.

A similar case would be _arguments -s '-c[desc]' -d
and -dc^D
That prints 'no arguments'

A fix would need to be done within the C code for comparguments -O and
it'd probably be hard to do without breaking it more than fixing it.


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