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rsync completion not working for server files when using double quotes


I hope I’m at the right place to submit that problem.

I use zsh completion to navigate through rsync server directory hierarchy.
I’ve just discovered brace expansion {start..end} and for it to work, I need
to double quotes the server path:
noglob rsync -rlP "server:folder/file{01..03}" .
will download the files file01, file02, and file03 from folder.

My problem is: completion (=tab=>) is working for folders but not files (if
there are no folders) when using double quotes:
noglob rsync -rlP "server:fo =tab=> noglob rsync -rlP "server:folder/
noglob rsync -rlP "server:folder/fi =tab=>
will not complete the filename or display a list when using tab twice.

I first opened a question on stackoverflow about it:

If someone can help me, maybe just by providing a workaround.
Using the completion before adding the quotes could work but is tedious when
some names need escaping:
noglob rsync -rlP server:folder\\\ with\\\ spaces/file{01..03} .
noglob rsync -rlP "server:folder\\ with\\ spaces/file{01..03}" .

Looking forward to reading you,


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