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How do I get rid of _complete_alias error generated by bash code?

I'm migrating my stuff from bash to zsh. I'm a stymied by an error that crops up from time to time and I'm not sure how to fix.

In bash, I had these lines:

# completion commands
complete -F _complete_alias t
complete -F _complete_alias ta
complete -F _complete_alias tl
complete -F _complete_alias tm
complete -F _complete_alias tasn
complete -F _complete_alias tast
complete -F _complete_alias taa
complete -F _complete_alias tlst
complete -F _complete_alias tli
complete -F _complete_alias tpa
complete -F _complete_alias tlt
complete -F _complete_alias tai

I don't even remember why I had to put them in bash and I'm not sure they are needed in zsh. Initially, zsh doesn't complain about them at all. But then at some point, and I don't know when, I start getting an error when trying to use tab completion:

$ tasn (anon):4: command not found: _complete_alias
(anon):4: command not found: _complete_alias
(anon):4: command not found: _complete_alias

I tried commenting out all the lines and reloading zsh but it still throws the errors. The (anon):4 isn't helpful to me so I don't know where the errors might be coming from. I grep'd the code and don't see any more instances of "_complete_alias". To get rid of the errors, I have to start a new zsh from scratch.

Can someone please help me determine:

1) If I need these lines in zsh
2) If they are needed, how do I keep them from throwing an error
3) How I track down these errors and get rid of them without restarting the shell?

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