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Lists were down

Just a quick note to acknowledge that from sometime last Thursday (2021-09-23)
emails to these lists weren't flowing.  The emails were still being
received by zsh.org's inbound MX server and passed to the mailing list
software (sympa), but one of sympa's daemons had died and didn't pick up
messages from the queue.

The queue should now be clear.  No mail should have been lost, although
some mails authored on the 23rd were only delivered now.  This may lead
to out-of-order sorting in clients that sort by sent date rather than by
received date.  Apologies on behalf of the team for that.

Email to individual ${yourname}@zsh.org addresses was not affected.

The cause of the daemon's death has not been deteremined, so we can't
rule out a recurrence.  We'll keep an eye on things.  If that happens
and we don't notice, y'all can contact us on via the postmaster at zsh
dot org alias.  IRC is also an option, although the people with access
to fix these things aren't always online there.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author