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Re: New Zsh Logo

Peter Stephenson wrote on Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 19:56:36 +0000:
> Hi all,
> Justin Dorfman has offered to produce a new logo for zsh for use on the website
> etc.  Because this needs to be sorted out quickly for project management reasons,
> Bart Schaefer, Oliver Kiddle, Daniel Shahaf and I have been looking at this,
> however, I'm sure a lot more people are interested.

I haven't actually been looking at the logos.  I was invited to, but
I declined.

And I'd like to add that if anyone has other drafts/sketches of a logo,
or even just ideas, do feel free to share them on the -workers@ part of
this thread.


> Rather than post the near final set of choices here, I'll put them on the
> higher bandwidth zsh-workers list, so look out there if you're interested.
> To my untrained eye, it seems to be down to quite minor details, but I'm sure
> you'll let us know if you don't trust us!
> To be quite clear: this doesn't actually affect the shell itself at all,
> it's just for visual effects in documentary material.  The only way it would
> affect the shell that I can see would be if we decided to change the Windows
> icon.  The current one was drawn by me many years ago, I think in Microsoft
> Paint, so that sounds like a possibility, but that would be an entirely
> separate decision with its own consultation.
> Cheers
> pws

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