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Duplicate results in _python - (Re: [MINOR BUG] Duplicate results in tab-menu)

On 6/23/22 05:54, Morten Nissov wrote:

Others in the IRC hadn't experienced this bug so I'm asking here.

In some cases, when I tab to open the menu everything is duplicated, see below for example
I've found this happens when my .zshrc contains

    |zstyle ':completion:*:matches' group 'yes' zstyle ':completion:*' group-name '' zstyle ":completion:*" list-dirs-first true autoload -U compinit && compinit

Best regards,

Just the group-name and list-dirs-first styles being empty string and true are needed to cause the problem.

with ''python foo'' _python makes its way to _normal, returns (seemingly true) then compsys calls _default to
complete -default- for some reason that i am unsure of.

as a workaround disabling list-dirs-first for python would prevent the duplicates from happening:
zstyle ':completion::complete:python<->#(.<->)#::*' list-dirs-first false

but even with that, compsys seems to still tries to complete -default-.

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