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Re: Most minimal configuration challenge

On 2022-09-04 06:42:24 +0000, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Vincent Lefevre wrote on Fri, Sep 02, 2022 at 16:44:34 +0200:
> > For instance, "zstyle -L" gives in particular:
> > 
> >   zstyle :urlglobber url-local-schema ftp file
> >   zstyle ':url-quote-magic:*' url-metas '*?[]^(|)~#{}='
> > 
> > but I can't find any explanation about why it should be ":urlglobber"
> > and not something else. The man page looks similar for urlglobber and
> > url-quote-magic, though they look different above.
> By convention, context patterns are of the form «:foo:…» where «foo»
> identifies a particular library / module / plugin for namespacing
> reasons.  So, it says ":urlglobber" and not something else because
> that's what the author of urlglobber named urlglobber.

This is still unclear. The zshcontrib(1) man page says:

        zstyle :bracketed-paste-magic paste-finish \
        zstyle :bracketed-paste-magic:finish quote-style \

But I don't see why ":bracketed-paste-magic" is used in the first line
instead of ":bracketed-paste-magic:*". Moreover, I don't see where the
context "finish" is described in the man pages.

> > In the zshmodules(1) man page:
> > 
> >   For  example,  a  fictional  `weather' plugin might state in its
> >   documentation that it looks up the preferred-precipitation style
> >   under the `:weather:continent:day-of-the-week:phase-of-the-moon'
> >   context.  According to this, you might set the following in your
> >   zshrc:
> > 
> >     zstyle ':weather:europe:*' preferred-precipitation rain
> >     zstyle ':weather:*:Sunday:*' preferred-precipitation snow
> > 
> > So I would expect the translator to mention "continent",
> > "day-of-the-week" and "phase-of-the-moon" in its output.
> The zstyle completion actually does this; try completing
> «zstyle :vcs_info:<TAB>» or «zstyle :completion:<TAB>».

zstyle :vcs_info:<TAB>

just gives

Completing `context pattern' or `vcs'

This is not very informative. This is different from the man page,
which says "vcs-string".

zstyle :bracketed-paste-magic:<TAB>

is even less informative:

Completing `context pattern'

With "ls -<TAB>", I get a list of possible options together with
a short explanation. I would expect something like that with
"zstyle :completion:<TAB>" rather than just a list of the possible

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