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line continuation with sed

I'm wondering if this is a zsh issue or entirely sed's fault but:

$ var=$( print -l $var | sed \
-re 's/.../' \                                 # this is fine
-re 's/.../'\                                  # this  throws an error which I'd expect
-re 's/.../' \                                  # this throws an error ...
-re 's/.../' )

... if there is a bloody space AFTER the backslash and before the newline.  Thing is it's an invisible error, I just wasted the morning with some sed errors which refused to be found because they were invisible.  What logic would make a space before the newline an error?  I'm thinking it must be a zsh issue because zsh is responsible for line continuation.  Multiple spaces between sed expressions are fine as one would expect so if the backslash simply wrapped the line, there should be no issue.  Mind, haven't I whined about this before?  Could there ever be a situation where backslash-space-newline was not logically reducible to backslash-newline?  If there was such a thing, then of course my complaint is void.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author