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Re: unintuitive bracketing with return value

On 2022-10-18 07:57, Eric Cook wrote:


Very well written!  What breaks my intuition tho is the brackets.  Otherwise I quite understand that the last exit value is the active one.  I'm expecting the brackets to 'contain' the rv of any commands within the brackets.  But no, the left > right rule applies and the brackets don't make any difference.


1. Is the result coerced to bool (0 or 1)? Yes in C (and other
statically-typed languages), no in Zsh (and other dynamically-typed
2. Does && have higher precedence than ||? Yes in C (and most
languages), no in Zsh (and all shells).

... Even after all these years I still think in C.  And, as Peter explains, the braces don't really change anything at all, the last rv is still the last rv.  Indeed, it's best to stick with if/else and avoid these little things.  I really shouldn't have to have these basics explained over and over :(

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