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glob executable vs. non executable

I'm trying to break all 'real' files -- ignoring those weird 'special' files that linux makes -- into two groups: executables, which I take to be x-scripts, binaries and symlinks, vs. everything else, basically unx-scripts and plain text files.

$  eval "all_unx=( (#i)$1(N.^*) )"
... that seems to work for the later, the dot excludes symlinks but includes executables so: '^*' excludes those.  But what's the converse?  I'm wanting:

$   eval "all_x=( (#i)$1(N*@) )"

... but it's a bad pattern. I can append two searches, one for '*' the other for '@' but I'm betting there's a clean way of doing it.  Basically real files that whence is interested in vs. real files she is not interested in.  Given that these glob qualifiers have a quite astonishing power, it seems puzzling that ... well, I shouldn't presume it isn't already there, but in my mind:

$   eval "all_matches=( (#i)$1(NX )"

... anything whence finds, anything executable that is a file. Oh, and while I'm imagining new glob qualifiers, how about 'T': any text file, (un)executable script or just a cookie recipe but made of readable text.

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