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Re: "typeset -p" inconsistency

On 2022-11-01 14:40, Bart Schaefer wrote:
It doesn't actually re-create anything right then, but the definition
of -p is "display in the format of a typeset command"
Still I just wish there was some simple way of displaying the state of things without the pseudo re-creation.  It seems like a simple thing.

fignore=(  )

... is that really necessary?
Is what really necessary?  I don't understand the question.  (There's
no relationship between fignore and fpath or FPATH, if that's what you

No, I mean it seems a bit long and a bit belabored.  I'm just saying that I'd expect those variables to be set to standard internal paths, and if someone is running some particular distro they can add to the paths as needed.  Dunno, maybe that stuff is genuinely current.  I see lots of stuff in the ..../Debian completions, I should take a close look -- there's been some work done there.  Just saying that having everything on the path seems superfluous.  If I run Debian I'll add the Debian directory but why the /Redhat?  Nevermind, it's such a small issue.  Come to think of it, those directories are in the 'fignore' ... are they to be ignored?

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