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Re: repeat count?

On 2023-01-19 08:37, Daniel Shahaf wrote:

- Or perhaps the arithmetic for() is good enough for now and we don't
   need this syntactic sugar at all.

Just a comment from the peanut gallery: I was thinking about that issue and the question arose in my head whether or not something that is so easy to do manually should be hard coded even in the best of all possible worlds.  Bigger code, new hardcoded variable, minute but still possible bug of some sort, an extra microsecond to compile and run, slightly bigger doc needed.  Small issues, but small issues add up over time, and since there is no *real* problem, why bother?  Contrast ... dunno ... say the '-U' option with arrays.  When I first discovered that I laughed like a loonie, it was so damned useful -- worth whatever weight it added to the shell.  Featuritis can add entropy rather than reduce it. Little things can clutter more than they help.

My 2 cents.

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