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zsh/nearcolor module usage


While searching zshall man page for 'color' I came across the nearcolor module.
This is something I hadn't used before and thought it could be useful.
Unless I missed something, which I may have, I didn't see anything about how to
use it. The module only talks about loading it. After some google searches I did
find an example of how to use it involving prompt expansion in an answer by
Stéphane Chazelas ... thanks Stéphane.

URL: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/665370/confused-on-colors-xterm-vs-zsh-how-to-set-xterm-without-breaking-zsh-colors

% print -P '%F{#ABCB8D}text%f'

Question:  Does anyone know any other ways to use nearcolor?  I tried using the
parameter expansion flag (%) but nothing I tried worked.

As I said, unless I missed something, it would also seem useful to add a usage
example to the man page along with how to load the module.

BTW, not all virtual terminals seem to use the parameter COLORTERM.
xterm is one that, AFAICT, doesn't. Yet the nearcolor module appears to work
as long as TERM is set correctly.  In my case TERM set to either xterm-256color
or tmux-256color works. If using the example in the man page, nearcolor would
never have loaded for xterm.


Jim Murphy

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