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Re: completing .directories without . and ..

From: Ray Andrews <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2023 09:14:29 -0800
> On 2023-02-21 08:59, Thomas Lauer wrote:
> > And googling with such terms as . or
> > .. is an exercise in futility (not to talk about stuff like -option or
> > --option).
> I whine about things like that often.  The terseness of zsh syntax makes 
> google searches for actual syntax often absurd.    But apart from 
> inside-out learning, is a solution even possible?  Maybe. Meanwhile, 
> thank God for this list, where you can just doff your cap and ask the 
> people who know.

(Possibly future) versions of something like ChatGPT et al could well
present a solution for these things. They'd be able to discern and
understand (within certain limits) the actual semantics of what is being
asked and should, after (perhaps extensive) training, be able to deliver
relevant answers or at the very least pointers to answers.


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