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Announcing Zsh Angel IQ System

- to swap 2 files: angel swap file-a file-b
- to run a TUI build console for make&autotools: angel con
- to display any variable pretty formated: angel qprint VAR_NAME
- to create GitHub repository: angel gh-create user/repo
- to create TAGS index (UniCtags) for Zsh and C: angel tags -c -z
- to show files modified in 10 minutes: angel fresh-in 10
- to register a code block to return as a callback after 10 seconds: angel hop -t10 "BUFFER=\"I'm a Zle callback\""
- archive extractor with 9 supported formats, it sweeps CWD with the file utility if given --auto, i.e.: angel x-tract --auto --bkp
- 4 pattern matching f unctions, 2 greedy and 2 non-greedy, e.g.: angel try "aabb" "a*b", REPLY will be "aabb". while the non-greedy version angel try-ng "aabb" "a*b", REPLY will be "aab".

These are some of the components of the package. I hope that you'll like it.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author