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Re: Discrepancy in IFS handling (zsh is *not* POSIX compliant)

On 2023-03-30 05:10, Felipe Contreras wrote:
Seems weird that a variable called Internal Field Separator is not a
*separator*, but a terminator.

I'm changing the subject to reflect that.
Just some unwanted commentary:  Should one need to be a technical lawyer to decide this?  If one pointedly adds another separator/terminator/delimiter/ender or whatever one might call it, one has probably done so for a reason and that reason would almost inevitably be that one intends to add another field even if empty. Thus any shell the ignores such a character is throwing away syntax space and acceding to the idea that characters in code can be ignored -- which might in very limited situations be admissible but not very often.  So if zsh did other than it does and I crashed into that while writing something, I'd foam at the mouth.  So zsh is the good-guy here IMHO.  Practicality should trump legality almost every time.

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