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Re: permission denied


On 2023-04-17 19:41, Bart Schaefer wrote:

Think of aliases as preprocessor directives like #define in C, and
you'll get there.

I can almost smell that it's something best accepted as it is. BTW, I figured out the message.  Seems in the unacceptability of the alias 'l', she keeps looking, and finds the file named 'l' on the path and, it being a source file (containing alias 'l' and the called function '_l') and not being executable, 'permission denied' is about the right thing to say about file 'l'.  If not on the path, the message is 'command not found'.  I had thought that 'permission denied' referred to the alias.  Dunno, perhaps 'zsh: permission denied, file: ./l' might be friendlier, it would at least be clear what the shell is chewing on there.  So at the end of it 'eval' is my friend in need.

One last question:

You did this:

    chain0=( ${(s:; :)${(z)1}} )

... ignoring the semicolon stuff for now, since it's more a matter of principal than practice for me:

    chain0=( ${=1} )

... that would seem the more 'normal' thing, but you've obviously used '(z)' pointedly.  What's the difference here?  The manual leaves me feeling rather vague.

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