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completion ( compctl ) does not trigger for command names containing dashes

What I'm running:

% cat /etc/debian_version

% dpkg -l zsh | grep ii  
ii  zsh            5.9-4        amd64        shell with lots of features


I've used zsh compctl since forever (late 90s or early 00s) but strangely never run into this before. I realized today when I intended to make some compctl config for update-alternatives that my completions where not triggered at all, it just used my standard fallback completion (files) ... so a very stripped down simple example to show the problem:

This works fine:

zshprompt% compctl -k '(arg1 arg2 arg3)' nodash

# typing 'nodash ' and hitting [Tab] once:
zshprompt% nodash arg

# hitting [Tab again]
zshprompt% nodash arg
arg1 arg2 arg3


But this complete files instead:

# just showing the current dir for reference:
zshprompt% ls .
file2.txt myfile1.txt

zshprompt% compctl -k '(arg1 arg2 arg3)' with-dash

# typing 'with-dash ' and hitting [Tab] once:

zshprompt% with-dash
file2.txt myfile1.txt


As seen, my standard completion (listing current directory) is used rather than the one I added with compctl ... I also tried this with a totally clean zsh (no distribution or user configuration) and that shows the same problem, commands without dashes triggers completion, but commands with dashes, does not.

I couldn't really find anything about this in the manpage (man zshcompctl) or online ...

Is it a bug, or am I missing something?



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author