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Re: tss, a tool to manage files with filename tags

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From: Johan Grande <nahoj@xxxxxxxxx>

> ## What it does
> tss is a tool to tag and find files with tags à la TagSpaces (a 
> graphical tool), i.e., tags in file names such as "IMG-2653[vacation 
> alps].jpg".

I am also a great friend of having consistent and "easily findable"
files, esp for my music and the photos/videos of my travels etc so this
looks interesting.

So far, I'm using a superb replacement for the find command, called fd:

This is a pretty well-thought out tool IMO and it's fast. (Another very
fast search tool that's become indispensable is ugrep:
but that's a different kettle of fish.)

fd, with a number of aliases and zsh functions I've defined, does a very
good job of locating (my variety of) tagged files; it'll be interesting
to compare this with your approach.

THX for sharing.


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