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Re: Duration not written to history file

On Fri, Oct 20, 2023 at 5:43 AM Andreas Kähäri <andreas.kahari@xxxxxx> wrote:
> When starting a fresh interactive zsh session, setting HISTFILE and
> SAVEHIST and enabling the EXTENDED_HISTORY and SHARE_HISTORY options,
> the duration of commands is not written to the history file:

SHARE_HISTORY writes the line to the file as soon as it's accepted,
rather than waiting until the command completes, so there is no
duration available.  This does not appear to be clearly documented,
     This option is only useful if INC_APPEND_HISTORY and SHARE_HISTORY
     are turned off.  The three options should be considered mutually

> If this is not a bug, how should I set things up to get the duration of
> commands written to the history file in a shared history setup?  Ideally
> without using any hooks that runs "fc -W" after each command or similar
> (that would be a hack IMHO).

Well, hack or not, the doc for SHARE_HISTORY says:
     If you find that you want more control over when commands get
     imported, you may wish to turn SHARE_HISTORY off,
     then manually import commands whenever you need them using `fc -RI'.

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