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Re: procmail recipes

:> RC> :0 w: zsh-announce/$LOCKEXT
:> RC> * ^Resent-from: *zsh-announce
:> RC> | rcvstore +zsh-announce              <<<<----
:> I gather you're filtering the mail through some external program (rcvstore)
:> we don't have. Why? If you have time, can you explain a bit more what the
:> above recipe accomplishes?
:Rcvstore is a program that comes with the mh mail system.  This is only 
:necessary if you are using the mh mail system.  Mh and procmail work very
:In mh, a folder is actually a directory and mail messages are keep in 
:files, rather than concatenating them together.  Sometimes this is a problem

If you want store in individual files, but not use the rcvstore program, you
might try the following procmailrc recipes, which store the lists in
3 different directories. Each message is stored as its message number.

:0: 				# Zsh announce mailing list
* ^Resent-Sender: zsh
* ^X-Mailing-List: <zsh-announce.*\/[0-9]+

:0: 				# Zsh users mailing list
* ^Resent-Sender: zsh
* ^X-Mailing-List: <zsh-users.*\/[0-9]+

:0: 				# Zsh workers mailing list
* ^Resent-Sender: zsh
* ^X-Mailing-List: <zsh-workers.*\/[0-9]+

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