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Re: [beta8] history saved on exec doesn't.

Mark Borges <mdb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> Mark Borges(mb) wrote on Wed, 17 May 95 09:55:53 MDT:
> >> Zoltan Hidvegi(ZH) wrote on Wed, 17 May 1995 12:08:32 +0100 (MET DST):
> ZH> I think that your history is wiped out because setting
> ZH> HISTFILE does not load the history. It's only loaded after
> ZH> the startup scripts. But you exec something from the startup
> ZH> scrips, and since the HISTFILE parameter is already set, zsh
> ZH> saves the (still empty) history. To prevent this either do
> ZH> not set HISTFILE before exec or set the APPEND_HISTORY option
> ZH> (which is useful anyway I think).
> mb> I agree, this makes sense. But unfortunately it doesn't
> mb> work. But it probably isn't worth fixing, either.

One other thing that is now borke is if I do any command substitution in
the startup scripts (to set a variable say) after I have set the SAVEHIST
and HISTFILE variables, and I don't have APPEND_HISTORY set, then this wipes
out the history file as well.  (But I guess that this should make sense if
exec is wiping out the history file under these same conditions.)

John Guthrie

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