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Re: new test release

> + Thu May 25 00:27:55 1995  Richard Coleman  <coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> + 
> + 	* Tighten up permissions on temporary files and named
> + 	  pipes that zsh creates.  From Duncan Sinclair (5298).
> + 
> + Mon May 22 23:54:52 1995  Richard Coleman  <coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> + 
> + 	* Use sed instead of cut in configure.  From Eskandar.
> + 
>   Fri May 19 00:08:52 1995  Richard Coleman  <coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>   	* Add some casts to pacify noisy compilers.
> You're kidding, right? Surely there must be more difference than this --
> these changes don't look substantial enough to me to warrant a rebuild from
> test2 for most people.

I usually don't put changelog entries for work that I do unless it
makes a big user visible change.  I've been spending some time
reorganizing some of the code and this usually doesn't warrant a
changelog entry (since the functionality is the same).

Also there is a bug I added in test2 that I fixed in test5.  In test2,
in certain situations, the environment variables HOME and PWD are not
initialized correctly.  I didn't put an entry for this in the changelog
since the bug was not in beta8.  Because of this, I would recommend
rebuilding if you are using test2.

Also I've done some other small things such as adding the new BUGS files,
the new FAQ, a new META-FAQ, updated the compctl-examples, and a made a
few other changes of this nature.

I admit it's not a huge difference from test2.  Everybody doesn't have
to build every test release I make.  I'm just trying to make the
latest snapshots available to people who are interested.


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