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HELP! Problem in installing zsh 2.5.03


I recently got a copy of zsh-2.5.03. I tried installing it and I had some
problems. The problem seems to be simple but I can't seem to take
care of it (I am a novice at this). So I look forward to your response.

After untaring the file I went to src directory and did a 

./buildzsh BLDDIR=/home/my/path

so that the build could take place in this directory

The files that were formed were 


So as you can see the config.h and Makefile were appended to the "path"
while signals.h was created as /home/my/path/signals.h. I tried looking
through the files in the src/config directory as the problem seemed
simple but did not seem to find the problem. ALso I renamed the files
and changed it to the /home/my/path directory (i renamed pathMakefile to
Makefile and pathconfig.h to config.h)

and then did

make -f /home/my/path.

I get an error that concerns signals.h. I know this is because the build
creates the files as


Please let me know which file could possiblt have the problem .

I could not run reporter as suggested as we do not have zsh.
Also I would appreciate a direct response as I do not subscribe to
teh zsh mailing list.


     Venkat Rajagopal | venkat@xxxxxxxxxxxx | http://www.ewl.uky.edu/~vraja/ 
                      | vraja@xxxxxxxxxxx   | 
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 weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and
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