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Re: logname in zsh-2.6b9

> In my releases logname variable is completely missing. Also the LOGNAME
> parameter is writable. Zsh use the logname variable only to store the value of
> the LOGNAME special parameter. I already posted patches for that but it seems
> that Richard does not like my patches too much. Here is a patch against
> USERNAME non-special parameters. They will behave exactly as before, except
> that they are writable, these name can be used as local parameters etc. This
> increases flexibility and simplifies the code.

I'm sorry that it is taking me so long to integrate your patches.  It is not
that I don't like your patches.  The primary reason it is taking so long is
that I typically do things in stages.  So I've only recently started looking
at the param.c code (which seems to be where most of your patches are).  I've
actually been looking through it this week.  It will take a while to
integrate them all, but the changes you mention above should be in beta10.
So don't take it personally and don't get discouraged.  I just have my
own convoluted way of doing things.

Richard Coleman

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