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Re: interact

Hi Peter,

	Thanks for your response.

> > I recieved no response to my question about how to turn control
> > over to a user for an interactive session part way through running
> > a zsh script, in the same way that you can in the expect language.
> It's currently impossible to do this properly since there's no way of
> changing the `interactive' option.  In principle, you could move the
> setting of the interactive option into the code I just adapted to be
> run both when the shell starts up and after `exec <...', which already
> checks for a tty.  You probably have to wait a bit for that code to
> show up.

Fine I can wait...... Would this allow for the zsh script to call for
more that one interactive sessions? or to continue executing after
the exec?  Surely if I do 

		exec < /dev/tty

and the user types control-D then the shell will exit.

Your message makes me realise that instead of the 2 schemes Ive
already suggested for source I should just check if the specifed file
is a terminal (using isatty) and if it is go 'interactive'. This
is an easy modification.


Anthony Iano-Fletcher
e-mail:		Anthony.Iano-Fletcher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
post:		Maths Dept, Uni. of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RD, UK
telephone:	(+44) (115) 951-4945

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