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HP-UX compile problem: zsh beta 9

Hi Zsh-hackers !

When trying to compile zsh beta 9 on HP-UX 9.05, I found that
/usr/include/sys/unistd.h (which is included by /usr/include/unistd.h)

  extern char *logname(void)

while Src/globals.h defines

  extern char *logname;

So we have a problem here ;)

  % grep "\<logname\>" *.[ch]
  globals.h:EXTERN char *logname;           /* $LOGNAME    */
  init.c:    if (!(logname = getlogin())) {
  init.c:     logname = ztrdup(pswd->pw_name);
  init.c:     logname = ztrdup("");
  init.c:    username = ztrdup(logname);
  params.c:       IPDEF6("LOGNAME", &logname),
  params.c:       pm->env = addenv("LOGNAME", logname);

If we change all these occurances from "logname" to "Logname" or so,
everything works fine.  Well, it seems to work fine ;)
Mhh, let's put it this way: The problems do not seem to be related to
"logname" ;))

No, seriously, never had any serious problems with zsh.


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